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6 Scenarios When You Should Hire a Private Investigator

6 Scenarios When You Should Hire a Private Investigator

By Isaac Amend |  Originally published in

People have very dramatic images of private investigators in their minds from movies and television. The reality, however, is much different. Private investigators are experts in analysis and critical thinking as they help individuals or companies gather information that people cannot find on their own, all while maintaining complete confidentiality for their clients.

Here are six scenarios in which hiring a private investigator could greatly benefit you:

6 reasons to hire a private investigator

1. You suspect infidelity

Even if you suspect infidelity, it can be difficult to know for sure whether your partner is cheating on you. And you shouldn’t take any action against your partner if you don’t have solid proof.

A secret work schedule or catching your partner constantly lying can be signs of infidelity. However, there can also be good explanations for this, and this is where a private investigator comes in. A good private investigator will gather detailed information on whether your partner is cheating or not, and help you find out the real truth.

2. You want to change a child custody agreement

In many divorce settlements, child custody is a very big issue. And if you’re trying to change a custody agreement and show that your ex-partner is not holding up their end of the agreement, you will need to present some solid evidence.

If you’re in a child custody battle, hiring a private investigator can be extremely beneficial. Child custody investigation services include observation, cameras, and GPS, which can bring to light the right evidence against a former partner and help change the terms of a child custody agreement.

3. You need help finding hidden assets during a divorce

For anyone getting a divorce, there is always the possibility that one of the partners is trying to hide some of the couple’s assets. Although the law does not condone this behavior, there is not much it can do about it without the proper evidence.

This is another case when hiring a private investigator can be extremely beneficial. A good private investigation service will perform thorough research to identify any hidden assets.

Fraud is a problem that’s faced by many small businesses. In fact, a study by investigation firm Kessler found that as high as 95% of workers steal from their employer in some way. It can be tough to catch fraud, especially if the books are being altered. Many times a business will not detect fraud until after conducting an inventory.

A private investigator can help a company identify serious theft issues. An investigator can also provide solid proof of a theft as well as guarantee you do not accuse anyone falsely of theft.

5. You need to conduct a background investigation

Whether you are looking for a new tenant or hiring new employees, conducting background checks is essential. Despite the importance of background checks, many people avoid them or only conduct very minimal checks. A private investigator can conduct a thorough background investigation which will ensure you do not make the mistake of bringing on a bad hire or tenant.

6. You need to conduct counter-surveillance

Illegal corporate espionage is alive and well. Generally, we tend to only think of big corporations needing to protect their secrets, but there are other professions that deal with sensitive information: lawyers and doctors all deal with private and sensitive information, as well as companies that do business with the government, to name a few.

Anyone who can get into your building or office can plant a listening device. If you suspect someone of bugging your office, hiring a private investigator can help with counter-surveillance to find the bug and guarantee you keep all your essential information safe.

Should you hire a private investigator?

Private investigators are professionals who have been trained to gather evidence and are also 100% discrete. You need not worry about confidentiality as an investigator is dedicated to protect your information at all costs.

The scenarios listed in this article are the most general reasons for using a private investigation service. However, there are other situations, such as finding a lost person, for which a private investigator can help. If a situation arises, do not hesitate to contact a professional to get the help you need.

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