Merica & Associates



Pre-Filing Investigations • Witness Location/Interviews • Litigation Support • Pre- & Post-Judgment Asset Searches
Litigators benefit from using the professional experience of Merica & Associates to determine the viability of a claim before filing. Locating and interviewing primary witnesses and providing legal professionals with the needed litigation support is critical in improving the chances of winning a civil case. Pre- and post-judgment asset searches are included as needed.


Defendants • Witnesses • Missing Persons
Merica & Associates has over 30 years of success in skip tracing defendants and witnesses for legal proceedings and locating missing persons. Using a combination of proven processes including proprietary databases and “on the ground” investigation to gather data, Merica & Associates’ true value comes with their ability to dig deeper into the deluge to analyze and verify the data and reduce it to usable results.


Plaintiff/Defendant • Pre-Trial Witness Screening • Expert Witness
Whether you need background information about a plaintiff, defendant, witness, expert witness, or in-court assistance in jury selection, Merica & Associates brings proven methods and experience to the table. Increase your chances of a positive outcome by getting the professionals involved early in the process.


Individual • Business • Fraudulent Transfers
If they have it or have done it, we will find it. Whether it is a business or an individual investigation, Merica & Associates has a reputation for finding what has been intentionally and cleverly hidden. No stone remains unturned.


Fraud • Liability Investigations • Surveillance
Methods of defrauding insurance companies are complex and numerous. Merica & Associates has extensive experience in assisting insurance company Special Investigation Units in the investigation of claims where fraud is a concern. We investigate represented accidents, exaggerated injury, suspicious theft, questionable destruction of property, and coverage issues.

Insurance companies save considerable expense in the long run by using Merica & Associates to provide surveillance of injury claimants and documentation of any activities that prove claimants are misrepresenting their injuries.


Court Records • Public Filings
It takes a true Sherlock to navigate the information superhighway to find usable and sound intelligence from court records, public filings, media, and social media. Once the data is retrieved, reducing it to usable information is an art. Merica & Associates has the ability to make a clear picture from an abundance of information.